About Harnosand Port

Harnosand Port. In the middle of Sweden.

The harbor is located in the middle of Härnösand, at the mouth of the river Ångermanälven, with its own railway track and right next to the E4. The conditions in Harnosands harbor are the best imaginable, even for larger and deep-draft tonnage. The entrance is both short, wide, deep and safe. The distance from the mooring beacons in the coastal strip is only four nautical miles and the water depth is 40-80 meters right into the reef.

When it comes to winter shipping, Harnosand’s harbor is one of the best on the Norrland coast. The harbor is ice-free for a long time, thanks to the short and straight fairway and favorable currents from the river.

Key points

Deep harbor

The deep harbor provides very good conditions for handling general cargo, forest products, bulk cargo, project cargo and ro-ro traffic. The quay is 300 meters long and the water depth is 7.80 meters. For project loads, mobile cranes of up to 300 tons are available.

Oil port

The oil harbor’s pier has a draft of 10.3 meters (34«05″). Ships of up to 50,000 tdw have called at the oil port. In addition to oils, asphalt and sulfuric acid are also handled. The entire oil port area is connected by rail.


Harnosand’s port has its own railway in the area. The track has load profile A and a carrying capacity of 22.5 tonnes. The track is connected to the main track and enables simple, seamless transport in the rail network.

Pictures from the port